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How Google’s Penguin 3.0 Is affecting The Web


There’s been a lot of debate about how big or small the latest Penguin 3.0 update was. This post won’t offer a measure, but will assemble the information we’ve gathered and suggest what may happen next. I believe that the indisputable truth about Google’s updates belongs to Google only, and for all that we know, Penguin 3.0 impacted… Read More

Planning Campaign Seasonality

Which days drive the most transactions? In order to develop a successful holiday retail strategy, it’s important to first understand the days that drive the most sales for your business. Once you understand this, you can craft a strategy that optimizes your media and promotion not only for these days, but for the entire holiday… Read More

Ranking Factor 2014 by SearchMetrics

SearchMetrics ranking factor 2014

As expected SearchMetrics have finally released their Ranking Factor 2014. It seems that most of factors are still unchanged, and as usual, high quality, relevant content is increasingly the focus of search and the quantity and quality of backlinks remains crucial. According to SearchMetrics, for the first time they measured user signals against search results.… Read More

Gmail Sponsored Promotions – Strategy


Last year Google have released their Gmail Sponsored Promotions. It is slightly different from the traditional Contextual ads that people are use to. The main difference is that Gmail Sponsored Promotions can turn literally into an e-mail marketing campaign within another e-mail marketing campaign. The main technical difference is that adsense ads leads your user… Read More

Link Building Strategy – Infographic


One can try to convince me otherwise, but SEO is all about links. There has been a lot of discussions currently regarding “Content is king” and so forth, however all this only makes sense because at the end of the day, every website want to attract and acquire as many links as possible. Link building… Read More

The History of Social Media


I am big fan of History. All kind of History, from western Roman History to Chinese Dynasties, however I have to admit that the “Social Media History” that started according to the infographic below in the mid 70’s, is a very nice and easy way to explain the evolution of Social Media. Some might disagree… Read More

How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress


Recently I have migrated my blog from Blogger (google based solution) to wordpress. There are clear advantages and disadvantages on both solutions: Feature Blogger WordPress Conclusion: I have decided to move to wordpress mainly because I want to have more control over my site, as well as display a nicer design. Usability It is an… Read More

Digital Marketing Channels for "Noobs"


I have lost track of the number of times I have implemented and started a Digital Marketing Channel strategy. Despite my experience I always find interesting when everything you know is described using a simple image and easy to understand. I personally do not like “recipes” when designing an online marketing strategy, but the infographic… Read More